You can use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to insert the Subscribers javascript code on your website. 

Important Note: For HTTPS users, there is an additional step to the installation process that you will need to do in order to fully enable Subscribers on your site. 

To install Subscribers using Google Tag Manager, perform the following steps:

For HTTP and HTTPS users

1. Create an account on Google Tag Manager.

2. Once you’re signed in and have entered your website details, click on Add a New Tag under Workspace.

3. Give your tag a name, then click on Tag Configuration. Next click on Custom HTML.

4. Copy the javascript code below.

<script type="text/javascript">
  var subscribersSiteId = 'ENTER SITE ID HERE';
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

5. Paste this code into the Custom HTML field on Google Tag Manager.

6. Go to your Subscribers account and click on Site Settings. From here copy your Site ID

7. Replace the ENTER SITE ID HERE with your Site ID.

NOTE: Make sure there are no extra spaces or before or after the code. It also needs to be within the apostrophe marks on both sides. It should look like this ‘5f12d0d4-3391-455b-bd73-96f43563f3a6’

8. Scroll down and click on Advanced Settings. Make sure Tag firing options is set to Once per page.

9. Continue scrolling down the page and click on Triggering. Once the new panel opens, click on All pages.  

10. Make sure your Site ID is correctly inserted within the code and you see the trigger set to All Pages. Next click on Save to save the changes. 

11. To publish the changes on your live website, you’ll need to click Submit and then Publish.


12. Congrats! You should have successfully installed the javascript code on your site. For HTTP users, you should now see the Subscribers chicklet and modal on your site.

Additional step For HTTPS users

In addition to installing the javascript code, you’ll need to install a service worker in the root directory of your website.

Download the service worker file here. Install this in the root directory of your website. It should appear as:

For ALL users

13. Woohoo! You’ve just installed the Subscribers code onto your WordPress website. Your last step is to verify the installation is done correctly. Go back to your Subscribers account and click on Installation from the dropdown menu. Then at the bottom of this page click on Verify.

14. If you’ve received this message, you’ve installed it and verified it. You should now go to your website and become your very first subscriber!

15. If you receive a failed message, please try troubleshooting based on any error messages we display. If you are confident you have installed the code correctly you can override the verification tool manually by clicking here.