If you are using the HTTPS installation instructions, you've probably noticed some instructions to install a "Service Worker" file at the "root of your website". Wondering what all of that means and how to get it done? Then you've come to the right place! 

Installing Subscribers.com onto your website is a 2-part process for those who have an HTTPS website. The two parts are: 

1. Copy / Pasting a javascript snippet 

2. Uploading a file (aka Service Worker) to your website server via FTP. That's what this guide is all about. 

(For the complete HTTPS and HTTP installation instructions, you can go to this link. For those who want specific details on the Service Worker file installation, read onward)


Web browsers can display a native, neat and tidy subscribe dialog that looks like this:  You've likely seen these around the web on various websites. This one main thing that makes it possible to display this type of native dialog on your HTTPS website is the Service Worker file. The Service Worker file is a piece of open source code that's maintained by Google and other trusted players in the browser space and it allows all types of modern functionality. One of those functions is the ability to display this type of dialog.



First question: Do you use Wordpress? If so, this is even easier. You just need to install the Wordpress plugin and follow these instructions and you're done! If you use Wordpress, then that's the last step. No need to read any further!

If you're not using Wordpress, read onward! 

You're going to need to use FTP to install this file on your website. If you've never used FTP before, it's not too scary but you will need to download a tool to help you make it happen. We recommend FileZilla, a free FTP tool. It works on Macs and PC's so you should be good to go. 

Once you've downloaded FileZilla, open it up and follow the steps below: 

1. Complete the following fields and then press "Quickconnect" 

HostYour website URL or IP Address
UsernameYour FTP Username
PasswordYour FTP Password

2. In the REMOTE SITE area of FileZilla, navigate to the root directory of your website

3. Go to your web browser and download a file from here: https://app.subscribers.com/service_worker (This is the Service Worker file that you will be installing to your website) ** Note the location that you have downloaded this file to on your computer **

4. Return to FileZilla and in the "Local Site" pane, navigate to the location where you just downloaded the Service Worker file from step 3. Drag the file from the Local Site pane to the Remote Site pane, dropping it into the root directory of your website. You should see a progress bar as your file uploads. 

5. That's it! You can now navigate back to the Subscribers dashboard and verify your site on this page