currently does not allow users to export their subscribers. 

The data that you have already collected and will continue to collect with Subscribers will always be tied to Subscribers.

This is a feature that is in our product roadmap but is not available at the moment. 

Wondering why we don't allow this?

Lets first start by explaining a bit about web push platforms and how they work because they are a bit trickier than most other SaaS products. 

  1. In order to ask for permission to send a push on your website, you need to have a "service worker" installed 
  2. This service worker can be created on your own, but most people on the web are using a web push platform like to enable this for them
  3. When a service worker is installed it is connected to a Google Firebase Account (for Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Opera) and Apple Dev Account (for Safari)

For now ALL Subscribers users (that means you) are connected to OUR Firebase and Apple Dev accounts. This makes it seamless to sign up to Subscribers and be up and running in minutes and saves you money (Apple Dev account costs $99/yr). This also makes it easier for you to manage as you only have to worry about your Subscribers account rather than having to sign up and integrate a web push platform to your own Firebase AND Apple Dev accounts. This is the only way you can export your subscribers from one push platform to another (or a custom one).

When we set out to build Subscribers, our founders were using a competitor tool and found it incredibly clunky, hard to understand and extremely expensive. So they set out build a web push platform that was easier to use and understand so more people would actually start using this new marketing channel.

This meant that we didn't add a lot of the features our competitors have because the vast majority of our users were not interested in having them. The goal was to keep it incredibly simple and give people an easy way to access and trial this new channel.

We hope this doesn't scare you away from using Subscribers as it's the easiest web push platform to use. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information.