What is a Welcome Campaign?

A Welcome Campaign on Subscribers allows you to set up a series of automated web push notifications for a new subscriber. 

If you are looking at a way to engage your newly acquired subscriber to your website & its content for a longer period of time, a Welcome Drip campaign can do the trick.

A Welcome Drip campaign is a series of 3-5 web push notifications - sent in a relatively short period of time like once every other day - that nurture your new subscriber through the customer journey with each message.

You can schedule your first automated notification to a new subscriber immediately or select from our new sending time settings within 1 minute of them becoming a subscriber & set up the subsequent ones as desired for your website.


This feature is available to customers on the Elite Plan users only.

How to set up your Welcome Campaign

(Step 1) Click on the Notifications menu button and then Welcome Campaign

(Step 2) Now you'll see this screen below where you will start setting up your Welcome Campaign. 

First, you can give your campaign a name. Just keep it simple like "Welcome Campaign 1" (hint: we'll be adding in some more features soon where this will become more important). 

Then you'll want to add an image. Remember, this will be the image that is used on ALL of your Welcome Campaign notifications. You cannot change the image for each push.

Lastly, enter and UTM parameters you want to enable. Remember, this will be used across all your Welcome Drip notifications. You cannot change UTM for each push.

(Step 3) Decide when your first push is going to be sent out. You have the option of sending it immediately or delaying this first message by X minutes, hours or days. 

(Step 4) Add your next push but clicking on Add Notification

(Step 5) Once you add another push, you will see the next box appear underneath the first one like this...

You've now got your first Welcome Campaign started. Keep adding more push notifications as you see fit. We recommend 3 - 5 max but you know your audience best. 

Once you have multiple push notifications in your Welcome Drip you'll be able to add another one in between existing pushes but clicking on the little pink + button or delete an existing one by clicking on the X in the top right corner. 

Remember, the only way this campaign will be triggered is when someone new subscribes to your site. So if you want to test your Welcome Drip you'll need to sign up like a new user after it goes live. 

Editing a Live Welcome Campaign

If you already have your Welcome Campaign set up and running on your site, you can learn how editing your Welcome Campaign works here.

Visual guide: