What are Value Goals on Subscribers?

Value Goals is a new feature on Subscribers that helps you track and optimize the value created through the use of web push notifications via our platform. 

If you are concerned about monitoring how much value you're creating for your business or organization with your push notifications, the Value Goals feature on Subscribers will give you a very useful insight at-a-glance.

Your Value Goals "value created" figure is always visibly displayed on the top-right corner of your Subscribers dashboard:

Value Goals is a new feature that's available for both Free and Paid Plan users of Subscribers.

How to set up your Value Goals

To get the most out of the Value Goals feature, it is important to accurately set it up based on your particular needs and requirements.

(Step 1) From your Subscribers dashboard, scroll down under  Settings>Site Details menu button and then Value Goals...

(Step 2) Now you'll see this screen above where you can configure 3 key settings of your Value Goals: the Value Currency, the Value of a New Subscriber, and the Value of a Notification Click

The values of these parameters will depend on your industry, your target market, and how you measure your Customer Lifetime Value and your targeted or measured average Cost-Per-Click for your digital marketing activities. 

(Step 3) Once you have set your Value Currency, Value of a New Subscriber, and Value of a Notification Click, simply click on the blue Save Value Goals button to save and start using the feature.

Now you're all set to enjoy a handy indicator of the value your Subscribers push notification activity is creating for your business or organization!