With Subscribers push notification tool, you have the option to use either the browser native prompt right away for your opt-in ie. the following.

Or use a Customized opt-in modal prompt first like the following 

Right now, I'm gonna show you how to create the custom modal prompt which will allow you to not only create a more enticing and noticeable prompt but will also give you that customized feel.

First, you will navigate to your subscribers.com account dashboard under Settings> Prompt.

Now, under Prompt Type, you will select Modal.

Then, under "Content and Style", you can do the following.

  -Add your opt-in prompt title

  -Add your opt-in prompt message

  -Upload your image

  -Add your Highlight Color

  -Your "Call to Action" and "Dismiss" button labels

  -Positioning and many more.

If you need further customizations, there is an option to add custom CSS as you can see in the above screenshot.

You can also add different Subscription Categories for your subscribers to choose from.

Next is the "Prompt Trigger", this allows you to customize the timing and the page where you'd like to display the prompt.

Reach out to us at support@subscribers.com if you have any questions!