Subscribers provides Web Push Notification to your site visitors, once Subscribers is installed on your website, your site visitors will then be asked to opt in to receive notifications from you about anything you'd like to share or promote to them about your brand.

Browser-native Opt-in prompt example:


Customized Opt-in prompt example

If they choose to allow and subscribe to the notification, you can then start sending notifications to them and anytime they have the browser where they opt in open even if they're not on your site, they will get the notification.

Push Notification examples:

With a large image.


Please see our quick video tutorial here HERE

I hope that helps but if you want to learn more about Subscribers please visit our Knowledge Base page here.

Please see this quick video overview about how to use Subscribers How to Use Subscribers

Our CEO wrote the following informative blog about how web push works and he includes some really cool examples of how some companies are using it successfully: The Ultimate Guide To Web Push Notifications