The Subscribers opt-in prompt is your first step in creating the engagement that you need for your site visitors and utilizing the awesome web push features of the platform.

This is what your site visitors will see and opt-in to start receiving your push notifications.

Subscribers provide a variety of different opt-in prompts for you to choose from.

Navigate to your Subscribers dashboard under Settings> Prompts.

From here you can select from the following list of prompt types.

The Native prompt.

This is a common use one as it is not only straightforward asking to either accept or decline but also the only single-click opt-in prompt among all the options, the look of this prompt is based on the browser used, hence the name, ie., the following for Chrome.


Note that using the browser-native prompt requires installing a service worker file to the site, see more about it HERE.

Some browsers ie., Safari and Firefox discourage using the Native prompt on page load, these browsers only allow the Native prompt to appear when it is initiated by a user action on the site, such as Click, so our solution to this, should you use the native as the primary prompt, is displaying an alternate prompt.

Navigate under "Content and Style"> "Alternate prompt" to select between the Modal and Bell option to display as an alternate prompt for the above-mentioned browsers.

The next option is the Modal prompt, this allows you to customize your prompt by adding your own image logo, custom texts, button, and even additional category checkmarks for a more noticeable and engaging prompt.

You can customize the prompt under "Content and Style".

Note that the custom modal prompt will trigger the native prompt once clicked on the subscribe button so do the 2 other prompts to come.

Next is the Bell prompt, one of the 2 "click to open" types of prompt, the bell icon will display snippets of the previous pushes that the subscribers might have missed and you can place the bell icon on all 4 corners of your site's page.

Then the Sticky bar, it will display a little chicklet type bar that you can place on the corners of your page too, and show the same snippets of previous pushes and also displays the running number of subscribers .